It’s JUNE! I haven’t been letting myself get excited about this trip to Hawaii, but I have in my possession proof of purchased tickets for the trip out on June 12th, and Max tells me he HAS purchased the return tickets for the 19th. So (unfortunately?) Ginnie and I won’t be trapped in Hawaii after all. He’s on Honolulu so we’re planning the obligatory trip to Pearl Harbor and the Arizona monument that Ginnie wants. Sure, I’ll like it too. And I told him I wanted to check out whatever we could find of Lost sites. According to Google Earth, they’re on the North West side of the same island. Plus whatever “nature” beauty we can find.

Seriously though, there’s no frakking way I can make myself get on any sort of small inter-island hopper plane so if they decide to explore other islands I’m out. Ginnie would love a helicopter trip. Maybe there’s boats? I’m cool with boats. She wants to see the volcano on the big island. I just want to hang at a beach.

Speaking of Lost, holy crap! Things are definitely picking up on that show. BSG is really interesting, too!

Catchup time. Um, Friday night I hooked up with @LaDawn, @LauraK, and @ElizaSea and after drinks, we went to see the Sex and the City movie. Let me preface my comments with this statement: I have never seen the series. All I know is what any normal person gained from commercials, comments, and general chit-chat.

It was a nice little waste-some-time movie. If I had to relate to any character, I’d be closer to Samantha. I cannot conceive of being obsessed by designer labels. I own three pair of shoes. I cannot imagine needing a closet larger than my living room. Oh well. If you got it, flaunt it I guess. I just don’t get it. Maybe I’ve always been too cheap. And most Carrie’s clothes were Fugly! The only thing she wore that I liked was a tie-dyed long dress she had on in one scene.

But I kept getting yanked out of the movie by Carrie’s hands. IF you spent your entire existence in thousands of dollars of designer clothes and shoes, wouldn’t you take better care of your fingernails? Seriously! She has the ugliest nails I’ve ever seen in a movie. Not necessarily long and polished as she’s supposed to be a writer, but dayum girl, ever heard of a manicure?

So anyway, nice girlfriend flick.

Yesterday, I went to the Podcamp AZ workup. The thing isn’t until November but we volunteers are trying to make it bigger and better than last year. Right now the focus is on the media kit and website so we have something to show possible sponsors and speakers. We all went to lunch after so I got to just hang with my friends Sheila and Evo, Dani, Dan and CJ for a while.