Podcast Producer

If you’re already a podcaster or thinking of becoming one but find the thought of all the time editing and technical finagling daunting you can hire me.

You send me:

  • Link to your raw recording
  • Theme music
  • Cover art
  • Promos or other inserts if you have them

Then I get busy:

  • Editing out flubs, noises, ums, ers, stutters, etc.
  • Mixing in appropriate effects
  • Cleaning up the audio and leveling
  • Maximizing sound quality
  • Attaching proper MP3 codes and ID3 tags
  • Returning your finished MP3 file all ready to distribute

And I only charge $40 an hour to do it.

I also have access to a recording studio so if you want me to help you record we can negotiate a fee for that too.

Podcasts I’ve produced: