The Bank of Mom is Officially Closed

It will however continue to accept deposits should the occasion arise. All outstanding debts should be higher on the debtor’s priority list.

noPhone contracts will not be renewed unless and until all past-due phone bills are paid in full.

The automobile lending system will be considered more harshly based on your need-to-use criteria.

Mom is sick of being broke. Mom needs money too. Mom is sick and tired of the automatic phone messages every payday. Mom has had enough of that sick feeling in the pit of her stomach every time the phone rings.

She’s damned if she does and she’s damned if she doesn’t so she not gonna anymore.

Those customers of the Bank of Mom need to grow the fuck up and get their own finances in order.

Mom will reconsider all of the above if the customers reconsider how much they use the Bank of Mom as compared to how much they DO in return. Promises are too often forgotten or just plain bullshit to begin with.

In plain speak: My limited income is not your safety net – it’s mine. Stop making me feel bad that I either HAVE TO provide the above services or say no, which makes me feel worse. Stop fucking asking. Get your shit together.

So as of this moment the answer is no. I can’t anymore. I suggest you find your father and get him to pick up the slack.



Today’s passive-aggressive bullshit

After yesterday’s venting I decided to keep a log of the latest misdeeds. I’ve been taking Kira and her son back and forth to school this week because the bus is… well I’m not sure what the bus is doing but it’s not available. Whatever. So this morning I get up early (again) and drive over there and wait in the driveway as usual. For 10 minutes. And the house is all blinds-downs and closed up tight. I refuse to go to the door and possibly encounter HER so I texted my son at work and asked him if he knew if the kids got the bus after all. He’s apparently busy and doesn’t answer right away so I go home. 2014-04-17 16.55.22 2014-04-17 16.55.40 Riiiight. That’s weird. And I haven’t received any text from an unknown number, just in case her number has changed since December. It did cross my mind earlier to be passive-aggressive right back and send her a text saying “Thank you so much for letting me know the kids rode the bus today. It sure saved me getting up early and driving over there.” Followed by, “You’re welcome, anytime!” But I’m pretty sure the sarcasm would go right over her head.   P.S. I may have to dig out my Fucktard avatar.

I’m at my wit’s end

There’s this person in my life I must tolerate. Since the beginning of our relationship it’s been an uphill battle. She’s connected to someone I care about so I have had to keep my mouth shut more than usual. She doesn’t like me, which is fine, but she’s undermining me with constant lies and derogatory comments and I’ve chosen to take the high road (most of the time) to keep the peace.

You know this doesn’t work well for me.

The me in me wants to get up in this chick’s face and really tell her off. In the course of our time together I’ve made a few carefully chosen comments which then get changed and rewritten so that I look like the bad guy every time.

“When my kids were that age they learned to clean up after themselves” apparently translates into she’s a pig and her kids are rotten. The me in me wants to say… “if the shoe fits” but that’s not what I said. When someone else tried to explain to her that I tell it like I see it and am brutally honest (which I must admit I haven’t been with her, she’s such a delicate flower) they were attacking her too. She lied to Casey and said I told Kira I hated her. I’m an adult and know better than to say anything in front of or to a child and I certainly never said anything like that to Kira. Nobody had ever said that we hated her. At that point we didn’t even KNOW her at all much less had made a decision as to what we felt about her but we’re all attacking her because we don’t hold back and pussyfoot around someone’s feelings.

Not that we hurt her feelings. She’s a drama queen who uses any opportunity to martyr herself for attention. It didn’t take too long for us to figure that out.

I would really be sorry and extra nice if I’d actually hurt someone’s feelings.

Oh yeah, there was the time I posted something completely unrelated to her on Facebook and she went ballistic, told everyone I was attacking her and blocked me. There was the time I’d had enough of her saying stuff behind my back (and to the children) and went to her house to talk this shit out and she refused to come out of hiding. I tried, I really did.

We’ve had this weird and unconfirmed truce since Christmas. I don’t see her and she doesn’t see me. She hides in her room when I come over and she doesn’t come around when I’m anywhere. But it hurts me when I go to pick up my granddaughter or son and she’s screaming obscenities out the window. It pisses me off when Kira tells me how she’s treated in her own home. It’s unbelievable that someone treats the boys in their house so differently than the girls. I’m annoyed about how she treats her own daughter. The girls do chores (housework) and the boys do whatever they want. The girls get punished for everything and the boys never do even when the youngest one got expelled from kindergarten multiple times. I’m also extremely angry that my son tolerates all this shit because he’s in lurve. Makes me sick. She has a chain around his neck. He can’t leave for 5 minutes before the phone calls and texts start up. It’s sickening.

Today’s fiasco started out normal. The kids need rides to/from school this week (no bus available) so I said I’d do it. I went to pick them up, waiting in the driveway like a good little bitch. We were really early so I stopped at McDonalds so the kids could eat and play for a bit. As we pulled in her son says to me, “I’m not supposed to talk to you, but you’re an awesome Grammi!”

I’m. Not. Supposed. To. Talk. To. You.

What. The. Fuck.

I pondered that all day and when I picked them up I casually asked him if that’s what he’d said this morning. “Yeah, my Mom told me not to talk to you.”


Casey noticed right away I was pissed when I got them home and when I told him what was said he basically called the boy a liar. It’s funny how I who never lie is a liar, Kira is a liar and now this boy is a liar and SHE is always the innocent.


Men and their pussy. I don’t know what to do. I want to slap her. I want to get in her face and let her know just who she’s fucking with. I want to take her down.

But if I do, I’m not sure I’ll have a son anymore. I can’t make him choose and I can’t lose Kira over this bitch either.

I guess if either of them reads this the bridge is burnt anyway but I can’t keep quiet anymore. I’m tired of being nice just to get slapped around. I don’t do nice well.

She needs to chill the fuck out. She needs to stop lying about everyone. She needs to step up and be a human being instead of a terminal bitch. At the very least she needs to fucking apologize to my face.

My son needs to step up and see that his daughter is acting out because she’s unhappy. She’s treated like shit. She’s yelled at all the time and she has no control over her situation. She’s a perfect child around me so I know the issues she’s having at home can be directly laid at this woman’s feet. But he’s hoodwinked. Or pussywhipped. Whatever.

What to do, what to do.