The Bank of Mom is Officially Closed

It will however continue to accept deposits should the occasion arise. All outstanding debts should be higher on the debtor’s priority list.

noPhone contracts will not be renewed unless and until all past-due phone bills are paid in full.

The automobile lending system will be considered more harshly based on your need-to-use criteria.

Mom is sick of being broke. Mom needs money too. Mom is sick and tired of the automatic phone messages every payday. Mom has had enough of that sick feeling in the pit of her stomach every time the phone rings.

She’s damned if she does and she’s damned if she doesn’t so she not gonna anymore.

Those customers of the Bank of Mom need to grow the fuck up and get their own finances in order.

Mom will reconsider all of the above if the customers reconsider how much they use the Bank of Mom as compared to how much they DO in return. Promises are too often forgotten or just plain bullshit to begin with.

In plain speak: My limited income is not your safety net – it’s mine. Stop making me feel bad that I either HAVE TO provide the above services or say no, which makes me feel worse. Stop fucking asking. Get your shit together.

So as of this moment the answer is no. I can’t anymore. I suggest you find your father and get him to pick up the slack.