Today’s passive-aggressive bullshit

After yesterday’s venting I decided to keep a log of the latest misdeeds. I’ve been taking Kira and her son back and forth to school this week because the bus is… well I’m not sure what the bus is doing but it’s not available. Whatever. So this morning I get up early (again) and drive over there and wait in the driveway as usual. For 10 minutes. And the house is all blinds-downs and closed up tight. I refuse to go to the door and possibly encounter HER so I texted my son at work and asked him if he knew if the kids got the bus after all. He’s apparently busy and doesn’t answer right away so I go home. 2014-04-17 16.55.22 2014-04-17 16.55.40 Riiiight. That’s weird. And I haven’t received any text from an unknown number, just in case her number has changed since December. It did cross my mind earlier to be passive-aggressive right back and send her a text saying “Thank you so much for letting me know the kids rode the bus today. It sure saved me getting up early and driving over there.” Followed by, “You’re welcome, anytime!” But I’m pretty sure the sarcasm would go right over her head.   P.S. I may have to dig out my Fucktard avatar.