Thanks to The Fire Wire

Since I’ve been home I’ve been watching the shows I record and I’m pretty sure either the newer batch of geeky shows are really bad or my geek flag is drooping big time.

So far today I’ve forced myself to watch Marvel”s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. There’s not one character I care a bit about. Well, I’ve always like the actress who plays the bad-ass pilot chick, but this character, not so much.

Then there is The Tomorrow People. Not really feeling this one either. I’m finally bored with The Vampire Diaries. Even Ian Somerhalder’s eyes are not enough to keep me interested.

I haven’t watched a Glee this season at all. I just don’t care anymore. I never started watching some of the other geeky shows other people like such as Person of Interest or that other one with the brothers I can’t remember the name of.

Unfortunately I don’t get the channels to keep up on Dr Who or Game of Thrones.

I still like The Walking Dead but it better step or it’s gonna lose me soon.

Why oh why did Breaking Bad have to end?