Since I’ve been asked this question a couple of times in the last few weeks and because I have a faulty memory I decided to look it up. Oh, I remember the first time I met him and Michael and when I started going to Wingin It, but I couldn’t remember when.

May 2006. I had to go back through this blog history to find it. You know I started writing this (starting with LiveJournal) in 2003?

The first time I was sort of stalkerish. I’d been listening to their show for a while when they mentioned something about attending a book show thing in Phoenix so I dragged Ginnie down there with me and we wandered around until I heard Michael’s voice. I can still remember feeling stupid and weird and following them around a bit before I spoke up. Great guys, friendly and funny just like on their podcast. I was invited to come by anytime and hang out during a recording and though it took me a couple more weeks before I got up the nerve I did end up going. The rest is history.

It was actually weeks later before I finally met Sheila. She awed me then and still does.

I really miss hanging with them. I owe them both so much.