For a long time I just didn’t care. I avoided religiosity and kept quiet when I couldn’t. It didn’t matter to me what those people did as long as they did it elsewhere. I’d explored various religions over the years and none of them made any sense to me. You believe this stuff on faith? Really? OK. Whatever.

I was a little “a” atheist.

For the record, an atheist is simply someone who doesn’t believe in gods. Period. Nothing else.

I think there are a lot more little “a” atheists out there than we realize. People who don’t have anything to do with any religion yet haven’t made a stand, a commitment to Atheism. Since I’ve “come out” loud and clear, I’ve had a few friends tell me they’re thinking of coming out too. I’ve had several other people tell me at least I’ve made them think about their choices. I’m willing to bet my regular readers are thinking about their choices more.

But now I’m just sick of it. I’m sick of those people interrupting my regular life. I’m sick of those people making laws intruding on everyone else. I’m sick of the hypocrisy, the double-standard, the women-controlling, gay hating, I’m automatically better than you because I believe in some speshul ree-ward after I die therefore I-can-force-people-to-do-what-I-want-while-I’m-here-ness of it all.

That’s why I post articles about those people’s FAILURES to be decent human beings. That’s why I speak out.

I have become a capital “A” Atheist.

I don’t care what people do in their own homes. If you want to pray and/or have gay sex it’s all the same to me. I do care if you want to pray in government buildings. Religion belongs in homes and churches or even special events set aside just for that (see Matthew 6:5-6) not out where non-religious (or other religions) have to tolerate it.

Nobody is trying to stop you from practicing your religion where it is appropriate. Religions, especially Christian religions (all 20,000 plus versions of it) have held a monopoly in recent years. Now that secularism is fighting back Christians are crying foul! They, having been in the privileged position since the 1950s, feel it’s their due to run rampant over everyone else and that’s just too bad.

This is not a Christian nation. If the founding fathers had wanted it to be a Christian nation they could and would have made it very clear when they wrote the damned Constitution. The exact words are

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

That means no government entity, no matter how small, can establish/support a specific religion. But it also means you can’t be stopped in your religion as long as you stay out of government. Government includes schools, town meetings, courts, etc. You can’t have the mayor get up and lead a prayer to Jesus or Allah, you can’t have a teacher preaching creationism in science class, and you can’t stop after school atheist groups from assembling if you allow any Christian groups. And back off the whining about the billboards and the threats against people who question your religion. It’s called free speech, people.

That’s all outspoken Atheists want. For religion to stay where it belongs – in private – and let everyone else live the way they choose.

Little “a” = don’t really care.

Big “A” = prepared to  fight back against the religious storm.