Hello Dave AKA Dennis Markuze,

First of all, thank you for waking me up this morning with your tweets. What a wonderful way to spend your sabbath! You bothered to open no less than 8 new twitter accounts just to call me and my friends to your hate-infested posts! Nice work.

Let me just say, I’ve seen it all before and it really isn’t going to change my mind. All that hate just proves my point about Christians and cements my position in Atheism. Why would anyone want to believe as you do? Such a sad and hateful little world you live in.

Now, calling out my friends is just stupid. You have no idea if or what religion they might be. Yes, I have religious friends, although my religious friends don’t feel it necessary to attack other people with their hate-filled rants.

I honestly don’t understand the point of your constant tweeting to people and linking to that same post. Is it working? Do you have a list of Atheists who suddenly change their point of view to yours? Or do you get some sadistic joy out of annoying people? Do you realize you’re a laughing stock?

You sir, are an Internet Troll. Your methods will never work in making the change you appear to be working for with the agility of a legless bull elephant. If you really want to change the world, maybe sending links to like-minded people and gathering a following would work better for you. You could run for politics and affect change that way. People who agree with you would vote for you in droves. You know, be normal.

Alas, I fear you will continue in your ham-fisted way to annoy your betters. The thing is, now that I’ve reported you (again) as a spammer I turned my phone off and went back to sleep. I’ve fed the troll and now I’m content. But you sir will always and forever be a boring nutcase. Have a nice day.